The Smart Fund is a public education campaign designed to engage, empower and educate young people about stereotype threat, i.e. negative stereotypes that suppress student achievement. This campaign will also pay special attention to stereotypes affecting women. The campaign will run throughout the year and is intended to provide students, educators and the public with tools or techniques that can be used to reduce or eliminate performance deficits resulting from stereotype threat or social identity contingencies.

The Smart Fund was born out of the need to develop high quality, standards based instructions and interventions that are matched to students’ academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs by providing donors to opportunity to fund individual projects or initiatives.

Rock, Rumble & Roll Celebrity Bowl

This after-hours evening will bring together local industry influencers and celebrities to knock down pins and headlines two special guest Punk-Ska and Rock Bands. All net proceeds from the event will be donated to the Aparecio Foundation’s Smart Fund.

The Smart Team Challenge is a unique fundraising program where several teams compete to raise the most funds, as well as participate in an online fundraising component which will run for approximately one month prior to the celebrity bowling tournament.

Ten corporate sponsored teams, headed by celebrity captains will bowl two games each in a 5 on 5 format. The team with the highest cumulative score will be the winner. Invited guests and “Groupies” will be encouraged to make pledges and matching gifts based on team scores. The tournament will be followed by an awards ceremony.

Funds will be raised through ticket sales and donations made by invited guests and “groupies”, who will also be encouraged to make text pledges and matching gifts for the team they support.  “Groupies” i.e. challenge team members will have a month via social media and online fundraising to promote and raise funds for the supported celebrity captained team, as well as, receive exciting prizes and comps during the month and the opportunity to take part in the spoils awarded to the celebrity captained teams. Prizes will be presented in a variety of categories.

For more information on how you can participate, or if you are interested in being a team captain or nominating someone you know for the position of team captain, please contact or (312) 957-6094.