Why Girls?


As the growing disparity in achievement levels between advantaged and disadvantaged students, specifically the breach that separates low-income minorities and their more affluent white peers, continues to widen the need for programs and educational support services has become even more important. Additionally, educational retention rates remain low despite a significant increase in basic education and secondary enrollment for female students, particularly among low-income sectors. Women continue to be largely underrepresented in many critical fields, such as mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering, as well as in graduate education generally.

Investing in girls’ education delivers huge economic returns, delays marriage and first pregnancy, and increases women’s health and disease prevention. Girls’ education leads to increased income, both for individuals and for nations as a whole. While educating both boys and girls increases productivity and supports the growth of national economies, the education of girls may lead to greater income gains.



The Apareció Foundation staff members bring a variety of backgrounds and experience to the organization. Our scholar program is led by volunteer directors and consultants who work to develop strategic programs and evaluations for the scholar curriculum. Our strategic consultants are experts in their fields, recruited from universities, nonprofit organizations, and the public. Together with a dedicated team of program partners they work collaboratively to build a better future today.

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