Get answers to commonly asked questions about The Apareció Foundation.

Q: What is the Apareció Foundation?

A: The Apareció Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was designed as an economic development strategy to lift women out of poverty and as a community development approach to build the leadership capacity of low-income women.  The Apareció Foundation is unique in that it is a grassroots-based collaborative providing access for low-income women to higher education.  It is a free-standing college access, leadership and eight-year multiple-mentoring program.

Q: Is the Apareció Foundation a 501(c)(3) organization?

A: The Apareció Foundation is a nonprofit organization and registered 501(c)(3).  All donations to The Apareció Foundation qualify as tax exempt.

Q: How are scholars selected for Apareció Scholar pilot programs?

A: The Apareció Foundation partners with like-minded organizations and universities to find talented, ambitious students dedicated to pursuing higher education and in need of financial resources. Students are nominated by partner organizations and are selected based on demonstrating the following criteria: financial need, leadership skills and/or interest in community service, and commitment to continuing their education. *Stay tuned for information on the eight-year program launch.

Q: Why do we focus on girls education?

A:  Too many girls are dropping out of school.  Dropout rates for female students continue to remain high, particularly among low-income sectors.  The need for educational support systems, access to quality mentors, particularly those of the same gender, experiential learning and advanced professional development can delay first pregnancy, marriage, improved women’s health and disease prevention.   The most obvious cost to failing to complete high school is lower expected lifetime earnings.  Although women have made some significant strides in our society, they are still burdened with issues that make them economically more disadvantaged.  Girls’ education leads to increased income, both for individuals and for community as a whole. Learn More

Q: What can scholars expect to receive from our program?

A: Our rigorous academic program focuses on educational goals and progress toward graduation, building college level study habits and writing skills, equal access to quality education and multiple long term mentoring relationships.  We provide our scholars with:

  • A small cohort class size of 20, half the size of public schools;
  • 40 hours of tutoring per semester;
  • a social-action and health curriculum;
  • web-enabled academic interventions in math and reading;
  • analytical writing required in every course;
  • program support, assistance and responsiveness;
  • and financial assistance.
Q: How can I make a donation?

A: Donations can be made by mail, by phone and online. For more information, see the Support section of our Web site.

Q: Can I make a donation in honor or in memory of someone?

A: Yes. For more information, see the Support section of our Web site.

Q: What is a corporate matching gift and how can I make one?

A: Many large corporations have matching gift programs and will match your donation to a charitable organization.  For more information, see the Corporate Partnerships section of our Web site

Can I raise money for the Foundation?

A: Yes. Please visit Smart Fund to learn more. We are grateful for the support of Smart Team members who support the Foundation by raising money, attending benefits, auctions and spreading the word about our cause.

Q: Can I volunteer?

A: Yes.  We are always happy to work with individuals wishing to dedicate their time to such a worthy cause.  For more information, visit the Volunteers and Interns section of our Web site.