Mahrinah von SchlegelProofx, Chief Strategist

Mahrinah von SchlegelProofx, Chief Strategist

: Chicago:

Mahrinah von Schlegel is an Entrepreneur with a diverse background in anthropology, sustainable development and policy, bio-fuels development, alternative energies, business development and strategy, music journalism, fine arts dance, and non-profit direction. She has developed nearly $1B in real estate, predominantly in Southern California and built digital projects and communities since 2001. As an Economic Growth Fellow for World Business Chicago, she recently worked to implement strategies of Mayor Emanuel’s Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs on Neighborhoods, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. From a Native American (Tewa and Jicarilla Apache) and Spanish-American family, born and raised in the South Pacific and Southern California, Mahrinah received her education at the University of Pennsylvania and Wharton School of Business. A Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholar who was named “America’s Promising Youth Leader” by Secretary of State Colin Powell, Mahrinah has had a longstanding commitment toward works with a humanist basis and extensive involvement serving on boards and committees for organizations such as the United States Greenbuild Council, Urban Land Institute, and American Planning Association – Latino. In 2012, Mahrinah founded Cíbola, an incubator in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago and the first in the Midwest focused on diversity in tech entrepreneurship across ethnicities, backgrounds, and disciplines; with partnerships and events ranging from The White House, Chicago Innovation Awards, The United States Department of State, Groupon and more. Today, Mahrinah is Chief Strategist for ProofX, a Rapid-Prototyping and Applied Sciences Laboratory and Consultancy with a full lab debut in Spring 2014. She is a mentor for Tetuan Valley accelerator in Madrid, Future Founders, LOFT Institute, works with various national groups shaping Immigration Reform Policy (especially as it affects entrepreneurship and the technology community), is a national public speaker and judges business plan competitions for local universities and the City of Chicago. In 2013, she has been a finalist for Chicago Innovation Awards, the Revolucionario Award at SXSW and YWCA’s Impact Award. She was also awarded a Fellowship with the New Leaders Council – Chicago Chapter beginning in January 2014 and will be visiting the Middle East in February 2014 as a representative of U.S. entrepreneurship with the Department of State’s GEP program.

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