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The Aparecio Foundation is a national voice that highlights the dropout problem, what communities can do about it, and a call to action to join this nationwide effort.

We work to change perceptions, provide dropout prevention programming, increase community-wide education and pay special attention to the communities surrounding the nation’s lowest-incomes.

Stay tuned for updates.

Contact (312) 957-6094 for more information.

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The Smart Fund is a public education campaign designed to engage, empower and educate young people about stereotype threat, i.e. negative stereotypes that suppress student achievement. The Smart Team Challenge is a unique fundraising program where several teams compete to raise the most funds, as well as participate in an online fundraising component which will run for approximately one month prior to the celebrity bowling tournament. Learn More

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Welcome to the Chicago Possible™ and New York Possible™ Campaigns, a national grassroots-based effort established to respond to a silent epidemic affecting our nation’s high schools – the high school dropout crisis. Nationwide, 7,000 students drop out of high school every day, that is equivalent to 1 dropout every 26 seconds and only about 70% of students graduate from high school with a regular high school diploma. Annually, that adds up to about 1.3 million students who will not graduate from high school with their peers.

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