We do not want Aparecio to survive cap-in-hand, which is why we have developed an embedded marketing arm that consists of two entities: Hasana, Inc. and Felix Magazine.


Guiltless Luxury for the Charitable Life

The mission of Hasana, Inc. (the “Corporation”) is to primarily provide employment, internships, workforce development and youth services to disadvantaged and chronically unemployed young women. Hasana, Inc. will develop a fully functioning retail and online store largely engaged in wholesale sales of high-end women’s and men’s goods (jewelry, accessories, clothing, handbags, etc.). It is the Corporation’s intention to support low-income young women to become a part of the economic mainstream through education, training and job placement, while offering structured employment, self-sufficiency and community transformation. The corporation is an entrepreneurial organization located in Chicago, where its profits are used to help support the social service units of the Apareció Foundation, such as the Apareció Mentor and Scholarship Program.




Thoroughly Stimulating

FELIX  is a luxury lifestyle magazine currently serving Chicago and New York.  The pages of this glossy publication cover the latest trends in fashion, fine dining, nightlife, arts and culture.  Featuring ultra luxe fashion profiles, restaurants and the season’s must-have accessories from the world’s top writers and stylists.

This quarterly publication reaches some of the most elite and influential, engaged and discriminating readers. The mission of Felix Magazine and FelixMag.Co are to provide sophisticated editorial content that is thoroughly stimulating.

The collective goal of Felix Magazine and FelixMag.Co is to provide support to the Apareció Foundation in two manners. First, proceeds from every ad sold directly benefit the foundation and women’s education, funding the Apareció Mentor and Scholarship Program.  Second, to highlight news and trends in education and provide a resource for those seeking to live a more charitable life.



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