Monica McGill

Interactive 2016, Panelist, Series 2
About This Project

Monica McGill joined the Department of Interactive Media at Bradley University in 2008 after four years in the Department of Computer Science & Information Systems. She has produced several serious games for health and education and has overseen over 65 student teams develop games for entertainment as well as serious play. Her most recent games created with her senior capstone teams are Wake Up, Koala!, a fun puzzle game that also brings awareness to Sjögren’s Syndrome, and Coco’s Cove, a puzzle platformer designed to be entertaining while making hypo- and hyperglycemia part of the core gameplay mechanic of the player’s character, Coco, who happens to have diabetes. She is actively engaged in computing education research and in increasing the proportion of women and minorities in the computing field. On the side, she provides consulting services for games and gamification for a variety of Fortune 50 and not-for-profit companies.