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Co-Founder and President, Computer Software, Neurocern
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Dr. Anitha Rao-Frisch MD, MA

Co-Founder and President, Neurocern

Dr. Rao-Frisch is a board-certified geriatric neurologist and medical anthropologist. After medical school, she obtained her Masters degree in anthropology, cross-cultural aging, and dementia at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. After her Masters, Dr. Rao-Frisch began her training in Neurology and studied diseases of the brain and spinal cord. She continued her training and received subspecialty training in dementia, memory disorders, and Alzheimer’s disease at the University of California San Francisco Memory and Aging Center. Dr. Rao-Frisch is 1 of the 1,000 neurologists in the United States with expert knowledge in dementia and aging.
She is currently co-founder and president of Neurocern, a software analytical company that unlocks expert knowledge from neuroscience and person-centered brain care to anyone needing to assess, treat, or care for someone with a brain health or dementia condition.
Her additional interests include: neural networks, big data, machine learning, and predictive modeling in health information technology. Dr. Rao-Frisch has published several articles on neurological disease and public health outcomes, and served as an advisor for the American Geriatrics Society and The American Academy of Neurology.

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