[testimonial background_color=” name_color=” name=’Sarah Vargo, Social Entrepreneur’ image_link=’/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Vargo_Sarah_Bio_Image.jpg’]

“The Aparecio Foundation is a wonderful organization because it really gets to the root of the issues affecting young women and helps motivate and inspire young women in their youth so they can achieve dreams and goals they once never thought were possible. The mentoring program is brilliant because it’s so important to have strong influential role models growing up. This organization empowers women in so many ways – it encourages young women to nourish their body, mind and soul. I have been fortunate enough to work very closely with the Founder Jessica George and I am truly inspired by her determination, brilliant ideas and the message she is making on the world. I love The Aparecio Foundation!”


[testimonial background_color=” name_color=” name=’Tuan Zhou, former Human Resource Volunteer’ image_link=’/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Tuan_Zhou_Bio_Image.jpg’]

“I previously volunteered at The Aparecio Foundation (TAF) for over six months in 2012. It was such a wonderful and inspiring time. I had the pleasure of working for TAF and the founder, Jessica George, who has the most passion, inspiration and persistence that I have ever seen in the support of women’s education, health, and life. Women are a protected class in the U.S., but they still receive unfairness and bias in life and work. Therefore, the need is great for more organizations like The Aparecio Foundation, organizations that advocate for women and seek to empower them to stand up stronger and stronger. Go Aparecio! Go women!”


[testimonial background_color=” name_color=” name=’Mansi Agnihotri, Associate Market Research Volunteer’ image_link=’/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Mansi_A.jpg’]

“As Market Research volunteer, my job involves constant research work and I could say that I have not found many organizations with such a mission and working strategy. The methodology is unique, the Founder,Jessica George is enthusiastic and serious for every minute detail of the motto of the organization.

The Aparecio Foundation (TAF) is not only helping underprivileged girls with their education program but also giving opportunities to other people to display their talent sets. Many upcoming professionals and recent graduates in the variety of area such as journalism, public relations, photography, marketing, Human resources etc. have been given a platform by the Foundation to prove their skills and gain experience which would help them in their future.

Support from different national level organizations for the cause is itself is a milestone in the success of the mission and I wish the same kind of success to TAF in future. ”


[testimonial background_color=” name_color=” name=’Sarah Labrot, former Volunteer Copywriter’ image_link=’/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Labrot_Sarah_Bio_Image.jpg’]

“The Aparecio Foundation’s commitment to mentoring and supporting the growth of young women inspires and empowers the community. Thanks to their efforts, young women overcome social barriers and reach their greatest potential. By giving girls opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford, they have the tools to stand up to peer pressure and media stereotypes, leading their communities into a better tomorrow …one degree at a time. I love this cause, it focuses on a very specific demographic and by doing so makes a tangible difference in society.”