The Aparecio Foundation’s work is constantly expanding to take on new challenges in additional to other parts of the United States. But as our programs grow, so does our understanding of just how much work there is to do. We can’t do it alone — we need your support.

Nonprofit board service is a rewarding experience. By serving on the board of a nonprofit organization, you will:

  • Connect with others who share your passion
  • Contribute your skills, expertise, and access to resources to the Aparecio Foundation
  • Support and strengthen the community in which you live or work
  • Advocate and invite others to join you in supporting the work of the Aparecio Foundation
  • As a board member, you can experience personal satisfaction as a result of contributing to a charitable organization
  • Board membership can enhance your professional and personal networks, and provide communication, team building, and fundraising skills

The Apareció Foundation is committed to identifying dedicated and hard-working members that will, through their effective leadership, develop the potential of women, improve the community and help shape the future of our young women scholars. The Foundation has bold and ambitious plans and we invite you to submit your application to join a group of outstanding leaders and change makers in our community. If you are interested in board membership with the Aparecio Foundation, please complete the application below:

The Apareció Foundation is actively seeking to broaden, strengthen, and diversify our existing boards, and is looking for individuals with the following characteristics:

  • Ability to commit at least 5 hours a month
  • Free of any commitments/conflicts regarding the availability to attend the Foundation’s board meetings at regularly scheduled times
  • Experience with board governance and compliance requirements
  • Diversity in life experience, age, ethnicity, and profession, including expertise in any of the following fields: accounting, finance, governance, human resources, law, information technology, management/operations, marketing, public relations, fundraising, strategic planning, engineering, and others
  • Experience at the board level or senior company management in a firm
  • A minimum of 3 years of work experience in the area of expertise and a post-secondary education is preferred
  • Willingness to undertake a 4-hour training session on the duties and responsibilities of board members, including fundraising and financial oversight

If you would like to provide a referral/nomination for a candidate for board membership with the Aparecio Foundation, please complete the respective application below:

It is extremely important that submissions be as complete as possible.  If available, please include the nominee’s resume with your nomination form. It is essential that all questions on the nomination form be answered in their entirety.

Characteristics of successful Aparecio Board candidates:

  • Experience with board governance and compliance requirements.
  • Experience at the board level or senior company management in a firm.
  • Actively recruits four or more potential stake-holders per quarter.
  • One who consistently contributes, yet is sensitive to the opinions of others and supports decisions which are in the shareholders best interests; a mature, sensitive, team oriented and communicative individual.
  • Directors of the Apareció Foundation serve as involved supportive resources and are expected to take a strong interest in the organization and be active participants in the board meetings and at other times as required.

The Apareció Foundation is looking forward to identifying the next dynamic and committed volunteer leaders for nomination to our Board. Your participation in the nomination process will help to ensure that effected committee leaders are selected for Board membership. Please review the following criteria carefully as you select your nominee(s). We encourage you to either complete the form for self nomination or complete the nomination for the nominee(s).

  • Nominee is energetic, curious, inquisitive.
  • Nominee is innovative while also understanding resource constraints.
  • Nominee has broad network of peers, contacts, resources and references.
  • Nominee is free of any commitments/conflicts regarding the availability to attend the Foundation’s board meetings at regularly scheduled times.
  • Nominee has an informed, reasoned approach to complex business problems.
  • Nominee should have a clear understanding of the proper roles of those serving in a governance position combined with a willingness to “push back ” in appropriate and diplomatic ways to ensure that management’s strategy is in the right direction for the Foundation.
  • Nominee is currently or has been professionally active in business arena* or
  • Nominee is an entrepreneur who has completed at least three (3) years of successful business operation.
  • Nominee has served as a director on at least two (2) boards of directors for corporate, civic or not-for-profit organizations.
  • Nominee must have demonstrated strong leadership skills within their organization as well as significant community/civic involvement.

If possible, please include a recommendation from someone to whom the nominee has reported and from someone who has reported to the nominee along with the nomination form. Strict confidentiality is maintained with all nomination and nominee information.

For specific questions or concerns, please contact us directly at