Nonprofit board service is a rewarding experience. By serving on the board of a nonprofit organization, you will:

  • Connect with others who share your passion
  • Contribute your skills, expertise, and access to resources to the Aparecio Foundation
  • Support and strengthen the community in which you live or work
  • Advocate and invite others to join you in supporting the work of the Aparecio Foundation
  • As a board member, you can experience personal satisfaction as a result of contributing to a charitable organization
  • Board membership can enhance your professional and personal networks, and provide communication, team building, and fundraising skills

The Aparecio Foundation’s work is constantly expanding to take on new challenges in additional to other parts of the United States. But as our programs grow, so does our understanding of just how much work there is to do. We can’t do it alone — we need your support.

If you are interested in board membership with the Aparecio Foundation, please complete the application below: