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Aparecio Foundation Business Leadership Program

Power Women 2.0 provides meaningful learning experiences for high school students through career-oriented lectures and mentorship opportunities from senior female leaders in fields such as finance, communications, engineering, health care, law, and more. When you provide personally relevant, engaging experiences, students are inspired and exposed to previously unimagined college and career opportunities.

Power Women 2.0 facilitators, mentors and guest speakers will include female influencers from the fields of finance, technology, fitness and beauty. Student participants can expect lectures, a series of panels, a fashion presentation, demonstration and Q & A during the course of the one-day workshop. Sponsorship is critical to women’s success in the business world today. Senior female leaders are asked to bring their female protégés to the event, to help expand the networks of these emerging women leaders. In turn these women will be paired with a high school female participant for six months.

Program support for the Aparecio Foundation’s 2014 Power Women: Women Lead has been made possible by Roosevelt University (Sponsor) and community supporters like you.

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Program support for the Aparecio Foundation’s January 2014 Power Women Summit has been made possible by Carnivale Chicago (Co-Host), Andrea Metcalf (Co-Host), KIND Healthy Snacks (Sponsor), Bloomingdale’s Chicago (Sponsor) and community supporters like you.

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Aparecio Foundation Health Initiative

An innovative pilot program with University of Chicago Collegiate Scholars develops health literacy and self-esteem

This was a three-month pilot focused on health, nutrition, self-esteem and provide daily opportunities for quality physical education for female students at the University of Chicago Collegiate Scholars. Course topics include yoga and meditation, community health, healthy eating and healthy exercise.

The program, which included 16 lessons, also provided visits and training with Chef Todd of Florentine Restaurant on healthy meals and nutrition. Volunteers from the community, local businesses and private consultants willingly donated their time and expertise to deliver the workshops.

Program support for the Aparecio Foundation’s Healthy Lifestyle Initiative has been made possible by the University of Chicago Collegiate Scholars Program, thinkThin, YogaFit, Kind Snacks, The Florentine, Be Present, Tanya B, Trader Joe’s, YouSwoop, Bluefin Software, The Clymb, Valeo Chicago and community supporters like you.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”50px”][/vc_column][/vc_row]