14 Under 45, Series 1
Career path and career exploration, CareerBuilder
About This Project

Jill Hinrichs

Career Coach, CareerBuilder

Jill is a certified career management coach (CCMC) and certified professional résumé writer (CPRW) specializing in helping job seekers connect to the job market by embracing the power of social networking and personal branding. Jill’s coaching focuses on increasing emotional intelligence to approach career management with authentic direction and values-based decision making. She assists in successfully identifying and developing clients’ genuine brands to positively market themselves, make memorable connections and purposefully develop professionally. She holds a Master of Science in Management (MSM) and is passionate about connecting job seekers with industry intelligence and global business trends. With a passion for training, development, and facilitation, Jill empowers others to learn, grow, and move forward strategically in a complex job market.
Jill helps you answer the question “What’s next?” “Where do I go?” “How do I get there?” using a combination of adult-learning principles applied to career management trainings & learning resources, brain-based coaching to help you dig deep and self-reflect in a way that will help you sound better on paper and in person, and business strategies to prepare you to compete in a global job market. Jill’s clients leave feeling empowered, confident, and focused which saves them time and money in a stressful job search.
Job Searching is tough, competitive and overwhelming. Jill’s approach puts self-awareness first with a belief that radical knowledge of one’s strengths, opportunities, and aspirations and a strategic action plan to communicate that message to recruiters and hiring managers in a nice, bright, enthusiastic way through multiple sources will put your mind at ease so you can focus on contributing your talents and making the professional impact you are here to make!

Work Hard, Be Nice.