Volunteer/Intern Pre-Interview Questionnaire

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Volunteer/Intern Pre-Interview Questionnaire
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Apareció Foundation! The questions below will help us find a way to best utilize your skills in volunteering with The Apareció Foundation. Please read each question carefully and provide a detailed response. If you have any questions please direct them to hr@shophasana.com. Please note that all positions are unpaid and on a volunteer / internship basis only.

The Apareció Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization devoted to the development and empowerment of high-potential women in Public High Schools. The intensive eight-year program for these young women includes a four year renewable college scholarship,foreign language study, volunteer opportunities, study abroad, professional development workshops, and participation in a group mentor model that connects Apareció participants with professional women from a wide range of industries.

Because staff members are unpaid volunteers, the organization is composed of people driven through self-motivation and dedication to the organization’s mission and values. The organizational culture is informal and flexible, with most work conducted remotely. Ideas and input are sought from everyone, as a high priority is placed on teamwork, collaboration, and creativity. All team members are encouraged to use their unique skills and talents in any area that interests them.
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